Laser-based weeding is an ecological alternative to chemical herbicides

Our system uses multi-spectral sensors and state of the art computer vision algorithms to detect and classify all plants on the field. After identifying the weed plants, a laser beam will be used to eliminate or to seriously damage the weeds. In this way, value crops can grow without the competition from weed and have higher yields because all available nutrients do not have to be shared.

Laser beams, if directed towards weeds, can be used as an effective weed control method. They can deliver high-density energy on selected spots, which will burn the plant tissue, leading to the death of the plant. The above sketch describes the three main parts of the system: data acquisition from cameras, image analysis (image processing and plant detection) and laser system.

Our technology’s advantages are:

  • it is eco-friendly.
  • it is accurate and effective.
  • it does not depend on soil conditions.
  • weeds do not develop tolerances.
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